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Acne Treatment and Skin Care for Teens

At The Graivier Center, we know that beautiful skin comes from choosing the right skin care products and regimen, but we also know that you need to start the process at a young age. In particular, we help a lot of teen clients with acne treatments as well as other specialized needs such as dry skin, oily skin, and related issues.


Teen Acne

Teen acne can affect confidence. Many teens feel embarrassed to the point of not wanting to leave their homes or attend social functions due to acne outbreaks, and treatment can be essential to help teens through this time. Unfortunately, in many cases, teen acne is improperly treated or managed, and that can make the situation worse for many teens.


The Popular Mistreatment of Teen Acne

In particular, when treating teens, many healthcare professionals recommend oral antibiotics to treat acne, but the long-term effects of these medications are unknown. In addition, these medications can create social, emotional, and physical anxiety for a teenager. Being a teenager is hard enough without having to struggle through the side effects of the wrong medication.

At the same time, advertisers often convince teens to use harsh, inexpensive topical treatments that can make the situation worse. In these cases, teen acne becomes more than just an experience that lasts through the teen years. If it’s not treated properly, it can lead to lifelong scars or other issues. Our approach to teen acne works to provide teens with a healthier, more holistic approach to their skin that helps them both now and in the future.


An Effective Approach to Teen Acne

Our teen patients experience many factors that may influence the health and integrity of their skin including hormones, stress, diet, athletics and the environment. We work to create a solution that addresses all of those issues. We help teens see where they can make dietary changes to improve the health of their skin, but we also help them to identify stress reduction techniques if stress is playing a large role in their outbreaks. Similarly, we also help them develop skin care routines that fight acne brought on by sports or other hobbies.

Beyond that, we offer acne treatments that are specially designed for teens. Their hormones, their skin, and their bodies in general are not the same as adults, and they don’t need the same treatment. In fact, part of our facility is actually focused specifically on acne. The Graivier Center Acne Clinic is an award winning part of our medspa, and there, our experienced medical aestheticians treat acne without harsh medications or antibiotics.


Treating Teen Acne at The Graivier Center Acne Clinic

We have a wide range of services and products to appeal to every skin type and to meet every clinical goal. In fact, one of our most popular and highly demanded products was developed by our master medical aesthetician and is available only at The Graivier Center.


Get Help with Teen Acne

To get help, schedule a complimentary consultation with our professional medical aestheticians. They will recommend skin care products and treatments to meet your individual needs and goals, guiding you to the best possible products to reveal your beautiful skin.

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