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March 19, 2019

Introducing The Microneedling Skin Pen

Say goodbye to acne scarring, scars, fine lines and rough skin texture. The first and only FDA approved microneedling device on the market is here! Rejuvenate your skin with the Microneedling Skin Pen.

Microneedling is a form of controlled wounding that causes the skin to produce collagen, all while minimizing cellular damage. The result is effective remodeling of the scar tissue while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.

Who doesn’t need more collagen? This device is great for everyone and works on all skin types.

Typically, 4-6 treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks, but a consultation with one of our aesthetician is recommended to determine how many treatments you will need. Downtime after the treatment is minimal and hassle free.

Learn more about this amazing treatment and call today to schedule your appointment with us!

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