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With the eyes of an artist, the mind of an innovator and the hands of a world-class surgeon, Dr. Miles Graivier and his elite team of nursing and administrative professionals strive to uniquely enhance the natural beauty of each patient – boosting confidence and elevating self-image.


Dr. Miles Graivier is a highly skilled surgeon, industry innovator, teacher and humanitarian. He successfully combines the science of medicine with the artistic opportunities of plastic surgery. Patients from around the nation and globe choose Dr. Graivier because they trust his experience, dedication, compassionate care and respect for every patient.

Dr. Graivier’s training began with his medical degree from the University of Texas at Houston, where he graduated with high honors. After completing a 5-year residency in General Surgery at Emory University, Dr. Graivier completed a 2-year fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dr. Graivier has been in private practice in Atlanta for almost 30 years. While his business has grown and become a renowned plastic surgery facility, The Graivier Center maintains an intimate setting. Many times Dr. Graivier consults with new patients after they have researched and consulted with at least three other surgeons. Patients have been quoted as saying “upon meeting Dr. Graivier I felt that I was in the right place. It just felt right. Call it women’s intuition.” Many staff members have been employed with Dr. Graivier for over a decade. Dr. Graivier encourages a work-life balance with a strong commitment to family and community. This attitude creates an optimistic and productive office environment.

Dr. Graivier often works with accident victims, cancer patients and those with physical deformities – charting a plan for their reconstructive healing and recovery. His skills and compassion transform lives in a positive, tangible way. Through the years, Dr. Graivier has participated in humanitarian efforts locally and abroad. His most memorable mission led him to Croatia where he worked alongside a team of doctors to heal and repair injured war victims. He was asked to return to Croatia as a visiting professor and keynote speaker at the 1st International Meeting of Croatian Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Graivier resides in Atlanta with his wife, Kathy, and their two children.

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World Renowned Surgeon and Teacher

Each year, Dr. Graivier travels across the US to teach fellow surgeons and doctors about new findings, technology, and products within the world of plastic surgery. Through his innovative demonstrations and best practices, Dr. Graivier has established himself as a thought leader in his field.
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