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Has your face taken on a tired, sad or grumpy appearance? Are your eyelids drooping or sagging? A brow lift surgery can help! At The Graivier Center, we know how important your appearance is to you. Our brow lift surgery will reposition your eyebrows into a more youthful shape and help alleviate the frown lines that form between them.

The brow lift is a surgery that reduces wrinkle lines, improves frown lines and raises sagging brows, resulting in a more open and youthful appearance.

Brow Lift Consultation
At The Graivier Center, we value our personal relationships with our patients. Each patient is treated as an individual, and as such, is given a personal consultation prior to any treatment. Dr. Graivier and his staff will meet with you to help you make decisions regarding which procedure(s) or treatment(s) will result in achieving your aesthetic goals. The consultation will conclude with a discussion about the desired treatment, your expectations, the benefits and risks associated with the treatment and post-treatment recovery.

Brow Lift Complementary Procedures
It is a common practice for patients undergoing a brow lift to combine several procedures at once that will offer complementary or enhanced results. At The Graivier Center, we will take the time to walk potential patients through all of the risks and benefits of each surgery, whether you choose a single treatment or multiple treatments.

Patients undergoing brow lift surgery can elect to combine the following procedures for enhanced results:

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift surgery
  • Chin augmentation surgery
  • Facial skin resurfacing

Brow Lift Surgery

For over 20 years, Dr. Graivier has used an endoscopic technique to perform brow lifts. Five small incisions are made in the patient’s scalp (approximately 5/8 of an inch in size) using endoscopic assistance. This technique presents a much lower risk of hair loss or elevation of the hairline and it has the advantage of a much quicker recovery period. Patients receiving brow lifts will be placed under general anesthesia although in some cases local anesthesia with sedation is used.

Outer Brow Lift
If a small elevation of the outer portion of the eyebrows is all that is needed, a minimally invasive outer brow lift can be performed. A small incision is made in the hairline above the outer portion of the brow and the outer brows are elevated. This can be performed under local anesthesia.

Brow Lift Recovery
During your brow lift recovery, your forehead may be taped and your head may be loosely wrapped to minimize swelling and bruising after the procedure is completed.

Patients should keep their head elevated and avoid vigorous physical activity for as long as recommended by Dr. Graivier. Do not use ice or heat on the surgical site.

Initial wound healing may take 10 to 14 days. You should be ready to return to work and normal activity after two weeks.

Even though you will look presentable to the public you will find that the healing will continue for several weeks as the swelling dissipates and incision lines refine and fade. It may take several months for your complete recovery.

When to Consider a Brow Lift

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