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Women have always wanted to move fat from their waist, thighs or buttocks to other parts of their body, and now that is possible using fat grafting or fat transfer. Fat grafting can create long-lasting and natural results when harvesting and grafting fat from your own body.

Fat Grafting Consultation

At The Graivier Center, we value our personal relationships with our patients. Each patient is treated as an individual, and as such, is given a personal consultation prior to any treatment. Dr. Graivier and his staff will meet with you to help you make decisions regarding which procedure(s) or treatment(s) will result in achieving your aesthetic goals. The consultation will conclude with a discussion about the desired treatment, your expectations, the benefits and risks associated with the treatment and post-treatment recovery.

Fat Grafting Procedures

Fat is harvested from one part of your body using liposuction techniques.

When used for breast augmentation, the procedure is called lipoaugmentation. This procedure requires a highly trained and proficient surgeon, such as Dr. Graivier. After harvesting fat from one area of the patient’s body, it is prepared and purified before being injected into the breasts, using several small injections. The advantages of fat grafting for breast augmentation include minimal incisions, reducing scarring, the ability to sculpt and shape and a more natural look.

Dr. Graivier also uses the fat transfer during breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Other Uses of Fat Grafting

  • Breast implants plus fat grafting: To optimize the shape of your breasts
  • Buttock augmentation with fat grafting: For patients who want a fuller, more rounded bottom. This procedure is called a Brazilian butt lift

Fat Grafting Recovery
Following the procedure you can expect mild to moderate swelling of the donor site and the augmented area.

If the fat has been used for breast augmentation, you will need to avoid any compression of the breast area for two weeks to allow integration of the fat cells.

You will need to wear a compression garment to minimize the swelling of the donor area.

Most patients can return to work in three to five days.

When to Consider Fat Grafting

  • If you have previous breast implants and have some rippling
  • If you desire a modest increase in breast size and already have good skin tone and breast shape
  • If your breasts need optimizing during a breast augmentation to improve cleavage, minimize wrinkling and improve symmetry
  • If you have breast reconstruction and have irregularities, asymmetries, or need smooth of transition areas
  • If you have breast defects following a lumpectomy
  • If you desire fuller, more rounded buttocks
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