At The Graivier Center, we provide a holistic approach to support the emotional and physical well being of each patient. The human body is designed to heal and repair itself in a miraculous way. All surgical procedures, elective or non-elective, may take up to one year to completely heal. To enhance and accelerate the recovery period, we have innovative medical advancements and technologies available to support each patient throughout the recovery process.

Treatments are optional, unless prescribed by Dr. Graivier, and are specially designed to improve and advance healing. By accelerating the healing process, these advancements will minimize downtime and patients will return more quickly to work and their daily routines. Our staff provides a detailed post operative plan during your pre-operative consultation and reviews it prior to your discharge. However, the post-op care begins with your consultation where you can discuss your goals and ask questions.

Dr. Graivier makes individual recommendations to aid you in understanding your treatment options and subsequent outcomes. Every individual and procedure is different. Your recovery will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation, including medications, diet, activity, and restrictions during recovery.

If your plan is to recover at home, you will be discharged with a responsible adult caregiver. You may also choose to have a private nurse care for you at home. You may prefer to recover overnight with nursing care in the comfort of our extended recovery room. We also have overnight accommodations available at a local hotel where nursing stay and family stay with the patient. If you have questions at any time during your recovery, please contact us immediately.

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