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For men, a strong jawline is important. Esthetically, the ideal chin is prominent but in proportion to the whole face. Often, a small chin on a man can make other facial features appear too large. Jawline enhancement can help achieve a more balanced facial appearance and help men regain their self-esteem and improve their profile.

Jawline Enhancement Consultation
At The Graivier Center, we value our personal relationships with our patients. Each patient is treated as an individual, and as such, is given a personal consultation prior to any treatment. Dr. Graivier and his staff will meet with you to help you make decisions regarding which procedure(s) or treatment(s) will result in achieving your aesthetic goals. The consultation will conclude with a discussion about the desired treatment, your expectations, the benefits and risks associated with the treatment and post-treatment recovery.

Jawline Enhancement Complementary Procedures
It is a common practice for patients undergoing jawline enhancement surgery to combine several procedures at once that will offer complementary or enhanced results. At The Graivier Center, we will take the time to walk potential patients through all of the risks and benefits of each surgery, whether you choose a single treatment or multiple treatments.

Patients undergoing jawline enhancement surgery can elect to combine the following procedures for enhanced results:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Face lift

Jawline Enhancement Procedure

At The Graivier Center, we have several options to address male jawline enhancement.

Oftentimes, dermal fillers, such as Radiesse, Voluma and Sculptra, are used to contour and correct the deficiencies in the chin area. The effects of dermal fillers can last between six to 24 months. Dr. Graivier will discuss all of the options available and will customize the procedure to meet your desired outcomes.

For some patients, a chin implant is necessary to achieve the desired effect. The implant will be placed to improve facial proportions and enhance self-confidence. Incisions are made either under the chin or inside the mouth so they are undetectable. For some patients, more adjustment is needed and can be achieved by sliding the chin bone forward.

Jawline Enhancement Recovery
Recovery varies depending on which procedure is chosen. Dermal fillers are the least invasive and have little to no downtime.

For most men, implants will be done at the outpatient surgical center and will result in slight bruising and swelling. The majority of men can return to work in three to five days.

When to Consider Jawline Enhancement

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