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Physiq is a revolutionary treatment that uses thermal heat and electrical pulses to melt fat while stimulating muscle development. If you want to shed inches while toning up, this treatment is for you. Physiq is a non-surgical alternative to other body contouring procedures and targets stubborn areas of localized fat. You’ll slim down and increase muscle tone without pain, without further diet restriction, and without downtime.

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Physiq is the only cutting-edge device that uses STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) for body contouring. It incorporates electrical muscle stimulation and deep heat to target fat storage and muscle tissues. With four treatment applicators and varying energy modalities, results are maximized while treatment time is minimized.
Physiq results are best achieved after a series of treatments. A consultation and physical exam are required to determine the number of treatments needed to meet your goals. Maintenance appointments are recommended to maintain results.
If necessary, shave the targeted treatment area and come to your appointment hydrated.
You will feel a slightly warm sensation during the treatment, followed by muscle contractions stimulated by the electric pulses.
You may feel slightly warm in the areas treated for a few hours post-treatment. You must massage the treated areas twice daily for two minutes between treatments with the Physiq Body Lotion supplied by your provider.
Treatment takes approximately 35 minutes from when the applicators are placed, and the device is turned on.
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