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ICON Aesthetic System

Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System (IPL Laser Treatment)

The Graivier Center is pleased to offer the Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System. It is the next generation of platform technology. This system combines high peak powers, state of the art cooling, built in calibration, and the Skintel™ reader. The only FDA-cleared melanin reader.

Non-surgical and non-invasive treatments are minimally invasive with little or no downtime. Our Palomar 1540 fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser uses hundred of tiny, high-precision microbeams to create narrow, deep column of tissue coagulation into the layers of the skin. During the natural healing process, new collagen is formed thus blending scars and stretch marks and improving skin texture. This is the only FDA-approved treatment for stretch marks and is brilliant in treating melisma.

IPL laser treatment work by sending a low-energy beam of light directly into the skin. Facial redness, dilated veins, hemangiomas, port wine stains, unwanted pigmentation, dull skin tone, and fine wrinkles can all be improved.

With the state-of-art Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System, the benefits are numerous including:
• Hair removal
• Laser skin resurfacing
• Wrinkle treatment
• Pore reduction
• Acne treatment
• Scar reduction
• Improving stretch marks
• Pigment removal