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Body Contouring

Many new technology advances have made improvements in the outcomes of body contouring. There are several non-invasive procedures that can be used alone or in conjunction with liposuction, to achieve your desired outcome. 



Vanquish is a new, revolutionary procedure in permanent fat reduction offering painless and surgery-free treatments that require no downtime. This treatment utilizes radiofrequency to target fat layers and permanently remove fat cells. Treatment combines well with SmoothShapes and can also enhance liposuction results. Approximately one to two treatments per week for a total of six weeks are recommended.



Exilis is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that can help reduce fat and tighten the skin on the body. It improves the skin’s quality without downtime. The energy used during treatment heats the deepest layers of the skin causing fat cells to shrink as the skin contracts whereby stimulating new collagen.