April 24, 2017

Introducing : Lipogems

The Versatility and Power of Fat

Most people have negative emotions associated with the word “fat.” They don’t want to eat it, and they don’t want to carry around excess stores of it on their body. But, an exciting new, cutting-edge technology called Lipogems, will change the way people view fat.

Lipogems is a cutting edge new way of processing fat harvest to take full advantage of the healing and regenerative microenvironment of that fat to address body issues.

Your own body fat can optimize body function, regulate hormones, store energy and insulate and cushion the body. While you may understand the essential role fat plays in the functioning of your body, one of the most remarkable roles fat plays is in the healing, repairing and regeneration of damaged tissue. In fact, the healing potential of fat has been recognized since World War I.

The many benefits of using fat for these purposes include, fat is plentiful in the body; it is easy to harvest using a minimally invasive approach and local anesthetic; it has many supportive and reparative cells to promote healing; and fat maintains its reparative qualities and does not lose its quality with age.

Lipogems, Explained

Lipogems, a lipoaspiration treatment, processes your body’s own fat tissue in order to cushion and support areas of injury while your body heals itself. Lipogems is used in aesthetic procedures, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and the treatment of many diseases by promoting the natural regenerative process of tissues.

Lipogems is designed to preserve the regenerative capacity of adipose (fat) tissue to improve the quality and longevity of fat transfer results.

Lipogems uses an FDA-approved device that cleans and refines the adipose tissue in a six-step reduction process. This process removes inflammatory oils and blood from the patient’s fat and maximizes the regenerative components in the microfat graft. Vascularized stem cells are transferred together with the fat, which is vital in the rejuvenation of tissue. The fat component provides cushioning and structural support to the area of injury (joints, tendons, muscles and possibly nerves) while the regenerative properties help heal the area. The relief could be long lasting.

Joint Pain

Many people suffer from pain in their knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, toes, heels or feet. Lipogems can be used to address and stop that pain, usually with a one-time treatment. At The Graivier Center, we have used Lipogems to treat patients who suffer from osteoarthritis in the joints, as well as plantar fasciitis. The results have been remarkable.

“After Lipogems, I have stopped thinking about my feet. And, when you stop thinking about your feet, your whole life changes,” said Kelli Jordan, a recent patient. “I was in so much pain and had a hard time walking. Now, I’m a different person! I can do all of my previous activities.”

Aesthetics/Facial Filler

Lipogems can help restore lost facial volume as well as improve skin tone, elasticity and vitality to the overlying skin. It can be used as a natural filler for the entire face including around the eyes, the 11’s between the eyes, the lips and the lip lines, cheeks, temples and jawline.

The quality, consistency and size of the particles injected allow predictable results, which is so important in areas such as the face where there is little margin for error.

While Lipogems is generally used for increasing volume in the face, general facial rejuvenation can be achieved due to the high concentration of regenerative cells and growth factors that are highly concentrated in the Lipogems fluid. Over time, a portion of the fat may diminish but the rejuvenation remains, providing long-lasting improvement.

Our patients have been very pleased with the results of Lipogems as a facial filler and rejuvenation. Additionally, Lipogems can be used as a natural filler in the hands, as well as supplement larger volume fat harvest for areas such as the buttocks or breasts.

The Lipogems Procedure

Lipogems is a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgery. The transfer of the fat cells is done through a fine cannula, resulting in less bruising and trauma for the patient. The patient experience is more pleasant with less downtime and faster recovery.

The Graivier Center is excited to offer Lipogems to our patients! Dr. Graivier is one of a few doctors in the country to offer this procedure. Interested in learning more? Call The Graivier Center today to schedule a consultation.

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