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Full, luscious lips are considered to be attractive and a sign of youthfulness. Many people are born with thin lips and for others the aging process reduces the fullness and increases wrinkles around the mouth and droopiness to the corners of the lips. A lip enhancement, whether it be lip injections, lip fillers, implants, or another procedure, help correct thin lips and recover the shape desired.

Lip Enhancement Procedures
Lip enhancements will be customized to meet your desired outcomes. For many, the desired results are achieved by an injection of temporary lip fillers or fat injections. For some, a surgical procedure might be the solution.

Lip Fillers
Restylane® is used for lip enhancement, and will add volume and fullness to the lips.

Juvederm® is used to define the lip shape, ease away lines around the mouth and to add a youthful outline to the lips.

At The Graivier Center, our skillful, experienced injectors are the key to a beautiful lip restoration. Extensively trained and honing their keen sense of aesthetics, our injectors do not overfill the lips nor inject age-inappropriate volume. The Graivier Center techniques produce an enhanced, yet natural look to the lips.

Fat Grafting
Fat is harvested from one part of your body, usually the abdomen, using liposuction techniques. The fat is purified and then injected into the lips to achieve the desired effect.

Lip Lift
There are two types of lip lifts: upper lip lift and a corner lip lift.

Upper lip lift will shorten the skin distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. This increases the amount of ‘pink lip’ that is seen, exposes the teeth more and gives you fuller, more youthful looking lips.

Corner lip lift involves only the edges of your mouth and is designed for the patient who feels as though they have a permanent frown.

Lip Implant
A lip implant is a silicone implant that is inserted into the lips through incisions inside the corners of the mouth. This will provide the patient with permanent results.

Lip Enhancement Recovery
Lip injections have rapid results and minimal downtime. Injections can be performed in the office under a local anesthetic. Temporary fillers will need to be repeated every six to 12 months.

Implants and surgical enhancements, such as lip lifts and lip implants, provide permanent solutions and are performed as outpatient procedures in the surgical center.

Patients will experience some swelling and redness following surgery and most will return to work within three to five days.

When to Consider Lip Enhancement

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