September 20, 2018

Three Tricks To Enhance Your Facial Fillers And Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Fillers and Botulinum toxin treatments, a popular cosmetic treatment for both women and men, help achieve a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Even though these treatments are relatively quick and easy, there are a few things you can do to help boost your results and love your look even more.

Here are three tricks to help facial fillers and botulinum toxin treatments last longer.

Pick an Experience Provider

At The Graivier Center, we have four highly trained and experienced nurse injectors on staff: Jean, Sharon, Dawn, and Paige, who have 28 years of combined injectable experience.

Our nurses have been trained by Dr. Graivier and by our clinical nurse manager, Jean, who is an ACE certified master injector. Our injectors focus on proper techniques and proficiency to optimize patient outcomes. And you never have to worry about the quality, purity, and dilution rates of our products.

Additionally, Dr. Graivier has advisory capacity and involvement in the development of many of the facial fillers and neuromodulators before they are even released on the market. Because of this, he can train the injection staff on the nuances of each filler. Dr. Graivier’s knowledge of each product enhances the education and training of our nurse injectors as well as your patient experience. We pass this education on to you to enhance your results.

Pair with the Right Skincare Routine

To help your fillers last longer, be sure you are taking care of your skin! That starts with applying broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 45 or higher EVERY DAY. Have a consistent care routine that includes washing your face twice daily, moisturizing and a weekly exfoliation. And always, keep hydrated by filling your water bottle several times a day.

A Little Can Go a Long Way

More isn’t always better. When it comes to fillers, keeping a regular maintenance schedule can help you avoid having to repeat a full injection treatment. In some cases, regular treatments can enhance the effects of injectable procedures and train your muscles to respond more effectively. Don’t wait until your results wear off to schedule your next treatment – talk with our injectors about the best maintenance schedule for you!

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